The Pitman Doll & Teddy Bear Sale on Thursday 29th June
The Pitman Collection Vectis have been privileged to have been able to offer some of the finest quality artist bruins over the last few years, gaining a reputation as the auction house to handle this type of collection.
The Teddy Bear and Doll Sale on Thursday 29th June at Vectis promises to be one of the finest gatherings of artists work ever seen at auction. It is obvious that the collection was put together lovingly with an eye to amass work from the creme de la creme of teddy bear makers from the world wide stage.  The vendors have taken the decision to downsize as they are relocating to a smaller residence. Up until recently the gathering was housed in a purpose built, temperature controlled museum room. The bears, dogs, rabbits, cats, elephants and creatures have been purchased whilst the owners travelled the USA and Europe and from specialist retailers Teddy Bears of Witney and the Toy Shoppe plus direct from the artists themselves. Here the vendor talks a little about this fantastic collection -
"I was happiest as a child in my bedroom on my own playing with my dolls and teddy bear so I think collecting takes me back to the 'safe and happy' time long ago when the world wasn't so harsh.  When you're a child and have strong parents you feel protected in your own little world and I think I still yearn for that in some way.
I had a special bear that I threw away when I was a young adult and have regretted it ever since, this never left my mind and triggered the bear collecting in 2004 along with being introduced to the computer and the world wide web, which took me from one exciting bear and doll collectables shop to another.  My first doll was a little Zwergnase; they are such sweet little characters, quirky outfits with mischief in their faces that I was an instant fan.   My first Himstedt shocked me when I got it as it was so BIG and a bit scary, both my husband and I stared at her with our mouths open and not sure what to think, I didn't keep her but after sending her back and talking at length to the wonderful dealer at Dolly Domain (now no longer in existence), I decided to try again and bought another one, that was it for me Himstedts where 'in'.   You can dress and style them so easily with children's clothes, whether you like antique or modern it doesn't matter, both are great on them.
The one Artist that will always be a treasured memory for me knowing was Marjolein Voss of Mick Bears.   She inspired me with her stunning photography and her Himstedt designed clothing that she redressed and sold dolls in, accompanied by a Mick Bear.   She also sold her signature Mick bears without dolls; these bears are all 'bear children' in her own design clothing and just melt your heart.  Sadly Marjolein passed away in November last year after a long struggle with cancer and I miss her creativity very much.  There will never be another like her.  For this reason I have donated all the Mick Bears in this sale and the proceeds will go to Cancer Research in honour of a wonderful lady, Marjolein Voss.
Artist bears are always a joy to own with their strong individual look.  Every Artist has such a strong identity.   Hugglets nearly made me hypo ventilate when I first went there.   It always astounds me what an Artist can do with one head, body, two arms and two legs and make their own.  
Most Collectors are in love with a certain look and stick very much to it, but I have always had a very eclectic vision for the collection.  Sometimes I am in a cute cuddly mood, other times in an edgy, arty mood.   Hence the diversity in what is in the sale.    I would have dearly loved to have opened a museum but never found the right premises to do this as I wanted to do displays as scenes which take me back to Christmas at Selfridges in London in the early 60's where every year they did a wonderful Christmas toy scene for the children that my parents took me to see and is a wonderful memory.  
It's been such a joy to collect all these 'antiques of the future'..such wonderful memories of the shows, the artists, (many of which I have met and known all over the world), the new collections coming out annually that forums where full of excitement about.   Sigh...."
It is difficult to select just a few highlights as there are so many. Marie Robischon (Robin de Bar) created her bears in Freiburg, Germany, often from more unusual and much less forgiving fabrics such as aged linen, leather, denim and vintage mohair and is renowned for her dress making skills in particular for military garb, lederhosen and traditional Bavarian costuming. Facially her bears are easily identifiable from their rounded stitched noses with elongated outer drop.
Also from Germany are the exquisite Dufeu Bears made by husband and wife team Gunter and Eva Dufeu. It is Eva's vivid imagination that dreams up each project, drawing out a back story for each that provides their character. The attention to detail in the military costumes is adorning many is awe-inspiring as are their dogs being instantly recognisable as fitting the correct breed standard, dressed in the style of a Thierry Poncelet painting. Airbrushing, sculpting and clipping mirror that of the real life versions.
Art Rogers is one of the most well-known creators of the most amazing soft sculpture work. The Missouri resident and Master of Fine Art is noted for his use of large expressive eyes and the doleful appearance of his subjects.  The sale will feature a menagerie of animals and quirky contemporary creatures from the award winning artist.
Another maker who likes to push the boundaries and has been foremost in developing an anime / primitive hybrid is Deb Beardsley from the USA. Her work is vintage inspired with a modern, Japanese twist. Where Debbie creates, others follow.
Other notable artists creations with an older style influence are Sue Lain, Mary George, Sharron Barron, Dany Baren, Conradi Creations, Oz Matilda, Bears of Grace, Tonni Bears and Barricane Bears to name but a few. When you think of realistic bear interpretations, Bear Bits, Christine Pike Originals, Somethings Bruin and Bears upon Soar are always mentioned and those contained in the sale are magnificent examples.
Artist designed bears from Charlie Bears, Robin Rive and the eclectic Zwergnase are also in abundance. The artist dolls are also exquisite, in addition to Zwergnase and Himstedt, there are highly sought after and award winning, original porcelain creations from Ruth Treffeisen, Heidi Plusczok, Hiligard Gunzel, Elisabeth Lindner, Sigikid, Zawieruszyski and Kish'n'co.  It is a superb gathering.
The sale is online now; click here to view. Bids can be taken in advance, in the room during the sale or placed live via the website.
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