Star Wars Delights from the 40th Anniversary Sale
These ARE the toys you are looking for?

Unique photography prints, a potential World Record breaker and Star Wars Historical Prototypes will be in the 40th Anniversary Sale at Vectis.  
The Star Wars Anniversary Sale on Thursday 25th May offers something for everyone, including some extraordinary and unusual items such as a unique set of fifteen Return of the Jedi photographic prints, originally commissioned as Costume Test Shots, by Lucasfilm (from a leading pioneer of media photography) prior to the release of the film. The series of fifteen, 12" x 16", black and white photographic prints, was printed by a commercial photographic processing laboratory back when The Return of the Jedi was originally being filmed; and have lain untouched until today. Exceptionally rare these are possibly unique survivors.  The images, which will be for sale individually includes Princess Leia, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca and Han Solo, have pre-sale estimates of £3000 to £6000 each.


Vintage Palitoy Star Wars carded figures are amongst some of the most sought after toy collectables, with the vinyl cape Jawa being one of the rarest, especially when found in its original packaging. The plastic cape figure (one of only a handful known to exist),  was the first issue of this diminutive figure, marketed for a very short period of time before being replaced  by the commoner edition which is the dark brown, brushed nylon cape Jawa. The estimate of £8,000 - £10,000 on Lot No. 5461 is extremely conservative, pre-sale interest means this lot could be another world record result for Vectis. In 2013, Vectis sold a similar vinyl caped Jawa for £10,200, with recent prices being much higher.
If you are looking for a unique form of currency, Lot 5300 which is a Kenner Star Wars Droids Unproduced Prototype UDE Governor Koong Droids 2nd Wave Coin Dies maybe just the job. This is the only known example in the world and was used to produce all the known coins out there. This piece is a significant piece of Star Wars Toy history as it features an Unproduced Droids 2nd Wave Character. All known Silver First Shot Coins out there are produced from this set of dies. The box is also the original box where the items were stored. An ultra-rare piece with a pre-sale estimate of £6200 - £9500.
Additionally there will be carded and loose figures from Kenner, Palitoy and Meccano, boxed and unboxed vehicles and sets, original artwork, weapons and accessories.

Some of the other highlights include -

Lot 5306
Kenner Star Wars vintage vinyl cape Jawa, AFA Archival Graded C80 B85 F85 85NM+.
Estimate: £6000 - £7000 
  Lot 5318
Star Wars Darth Vader DT Lightsaber "R" Hilt vintage 3 3/4" figure, 1977, GMFGI HK, UK Graded FIGURE 85% PAINT 85% CAPE 80% L/SABER 85% - 85%.
Estimate: £6000 - £7000 
Lot 5312
Star Wars Original Movie Poster Acetate Transparency Dated/Signed 1977. It comes with a letter of authenticity from the vendor and a Notarized LOA from the California Jurat. For reference, the acetate transparency for the Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Crawl sold for $40,000 on May 15th, 2011. This will be a rare and exciting opportunity for Star Wars collectors.
Estimate: £4000 - £6000 
  Lot 5317
Star Wars Obi Wan Kenobi DT Lightsaber "O" Hilt vintage 3 3/4" figure, 1977, GMFGI HK, UK Graded FIGURE 85% PAINT 80% CAPE 85% L/SABER 30% - 40%.
Estimate: £3600 - £4600 
Lot 5311
Kenner Star Wars Power of the Force vintage Yak Face, 1985, UK Graded C80% B80% F85%- Y80%, upon un-punched 92 card back.
Estimate: £3000 - £4000 
  Lot 5245
Palitoy Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Bossk (Bounty Hunter) vintage 3 3/4" figure, Near Mint to Mint, within Excellent Plus (yellowed and surface rubs) bubble, upon Fair Plus to Good (sellotape to front upper right of card, slightly discoloured, scuffs and edge wear) 30A un-punched card back.
Estimate: £2500 - £3600 
Lot 5299
Original Concept Artwork & Licensing Slick for Biker Scout /Speeder Bike ROTJ Stopwatch by Bradley.

The following information is from
(John Alvarez) "This is the original concept artwork for a small Biker Scout clock that was never produced by Bradley Time, Inc. The size of the paper is 8.5" x 11" and appears to be acrylic paint on vellum. Given the size of the art itself, the detail is superb and features a Speeder Bike whizzing through the Endor forest. There is no indication of purpose or scale, but it appears to be a small wall clock featuring the Return of the Jedi logo." Also: "The note says the following: vac. formed speeder bike and rider Although Texas Instruments produced the first watches made for Star Wars, Bradley Time produced most of the time pieces for the original trilogy in the 1980's. Their products included clocks and watches both analog and digital. This piece of art was used for in-house reference and is stamped: Original Artwork Property of Bradley Time Division Elgin International Industries, Inc. First we see the original concept artwork for a Biker Scout stopwatch produced by Bradley Time, Inc. The size of the sheet is 9" x 11" and the image is colored in black pen and red and blue markers. The art features a Biker Scout riding on a Speeder Bike. Here is the image with the overlay lifted. If you look closely you can see that the image was created by pasting copies of different source material on the board. The first image is a generic stopwatch featuring the Return of the Jedi logo. The bottom of the stopwatch has TM & (c) LUCASFILM LTD. 1983. The final is the image of the Biker Scout. This image was taken from a Lucasfilm licensing sheet. You can also see that along the bottom of the artwork is the pantone color key. In the lower left it says: SEE SLIDE FOR BREAKDOWN ON FIGURE This is the licensing slick, referred to as a slide on the artwork, that would have been used for the image and the color breakdown of the image. Lucasfilm was/is very strict about how their images can be used. When you buy the rights to distribute a product bearing a Lucasfilm image it must be the exact image and color as dictated by sheets like these. It is for that reason that identical images like this one have been found on everything from stopwatches to store displays to puffy stickers."
Estimate: £1800 - £2000 
  Lot 5462
Palitoy Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Jawa vintage 3 3/4" figure, very Near Mint to Mint, within Excellent to Excellent Plus (pair of creases - from manufacturing process to left and right stem bases, very slight surface rubs, pair of regular shaped circular indents to bubble crease - probably factory formed) bubble, upon Good (edge wear, surface scuffs and indents, creasing to bottom right corner) 45A punched card back.
Estimate: £1500 - £2500 
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Star Wars 40th Anniversary Sale please contact 
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