Star Wars 40th Anniversary Celebrations at Vectis

Star Wars Anniversary Sale  

Almost 40 years ago a film was released which changed cinematic history forever. It laid down a foundation for what was to follow and catapulted film merchandising in particular within the toy genre into the stratosphere.  The film's explosion in popularity spawned Collector's Clubs, forums, a language, costume conventions, books, magazines, an immeasurable number of websites and limitless interest.
The Anniversary date of Thursday 25th May will coincide with the second day of a Two Day TV & Film Related Toy Sale at Vectis Auctions
There will be over 1000 lots over the two days with the Thursday being solely dedicated to toys and collectables from the Star Wars series.  There will be some extraordinary and unusual items such as a unique set of fifteen Return of the Jedi photographic prints, originally commissioned as Costume Test Shots, which will be for sale individually. Additionally there will be carded and loose figures from Kenner, Palitoy and Meccano, boxed and unboxed vehicles and sets, weapons and accessories.  
Vectis have fast become the primary force in the auctioning of Star Wars memorabilia, in-house expert Kathy Taylor commented   "Star Wars memorabilia is currently the most sought after franchise that we have ever seen here at Vectis Auctions. Interest is particularly high as the 40th Anniversary of the initial release of the first film approaches in May of this year. Within our regular TV and Film related sales we see everything from to higher value items such as the Harbert Jawa Carded Figure which sold recently for over £10,000 to the more quirky items that raise eyebrows. In the past Vectis sold a Star Wars pencil sharpener for over £200 and a plastic carrier bag with a Palitoy Star Wars logo on for £240.  The collector is interested in everything from the history of the toys which would include Palitoy factory paperwork to the vast selection of collectables which encompasses toys, film props, posters, images, clothing etc. This is not just a UK phenomenon. On auction day our telephone and live internet bidders come from all four corners of the globe.
Vectis prides itself that as one of the only dedicated toy auction companies, employing experts with niche knowledge from areas as specific as Hot Wheels, James Bond, Matchbox, Burago, artist teddy bears, BJD dolls, computer games and accessories to mention just a few.  Most auction houses have one or two toy authorities to cover all areas whereas Vectis has twelve. 
Additionally the use of consultants ensures descriptions and values are current and relevant.  Well known industry insider and collector Nick Dykes ensures the Star Wars merchandise is accurately described. This attention to detail alongside excellent clear images has resulted in Vectis continuing to hit the headlines with record breaking and jaw dropping results such as a Meccano Meccano (France) Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Boba Fett 3 3/4" vintage figure which sold in July 2016 for £21,000 against an estimate of £4,000 - £5,000; a Palitoy Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Star Wars Boba Fett  30B on an un-punched card back selling for £18,000 in January 2015 and a prototype unpainted L-slot Rocket-Firing Boba Fett 3 3/4" vintage figure with authentic 4-sided missile, AFA authenticated and encased on 12/12/03, signed by Thomas H Derby IV, Chris Georgoulias, Chris Fawcett and Brian Semling selling for £15,000 to mention just a few.  

A colour printed catalogue is available for the sale plus all lots will be available to view online prior to the sale via   Live bidding enable you to watch the progress of the sale and even have a bid. 
Vectis are always happy to provide extra images or information when required, just contact Kathy Taylor on +44 (0) 1642 750616 or email  
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