Matchbox Lots Fly in the Sale at Vectis Auctions
Magnificent Matchbox Magic on Wednesday 26th April 
Bidding was keen in the dedicated Matchbox Sale which included many unique pieces.
From the Matchbox employee collection, interest was high for the pre-production colour trial models such as the stunning Super Kings K94 Saval Kronenberg B.V. MAC 12 Airport Crash Tender factory pre-production model complete with printers sample trial window box.
Other named collections included The Bedfordshire Collection including a scarcely seen Superfast Track Carry Case containing various track sections, track clips and accessories etc., the second part of the Steve Karseboom Collection which included a matching pair of chrome plated (chrome and blue) Iso Grifo trail models and the Wally Walters Collection taking in the wonderfully illustrated un-punched blister pack backing cards.  
All the ranges released by the British toy icon were on offer - Models of Yesteryear, Kingsize, Superkings, Major, Superfast through to accessory packs.  With boxed and unboxed, single pieces through to group lots there was something for the Matchbox supremo to those on a restricted budget.

  Lot 3426
Matchbox Regular Wheels No.45a Vauxhall Victor - Stannard Code 1 - rare red body with silver trim, without windows and without dashboard cross brace, matt black base, metal wheels - Excellent (does have some old glue residue to wheels where model has obviously been glued onto a model railway layout for display), there is some glue transfer to the base and body which again has obviously happened during the handling of the model being placed onto this model railway layout - overall Excellent to Excellent Plus unboxed with a few tiny chips.
Estimate: £1000 - £1200 
Sold for: £2600
Lot 3594
Matchbox Superfast No.29b Racing Mini Pre-production Colour Trial - dark red body with door outlines cast (these were removed from the production model to aid label application), clear windows, ivory interior, bare metal base with square cut front rivet platform (on production versions this is angled into the front axle hump rather than square cut), 5-spoke wide wheels - Good Plus to Excellent (chrome loss to wheels).
Estimate: £100 - £150 
Sold for: £2600
  Lot 3429
Matchbox Regular Wheels No.31c Lincoln Continental - metallic lime green body (Superfast colour), ivory interior, bare metal base with tow guide, 36-tread black plastic wheels - Near Mint to Mint in Good to Good Plus but a little creased type F2 box.
Estimate: £1000 - £1200 
Sold for: £2500
Lot 3485
Matchbox Super Kings K94 Saval Kronenberg B.V. MAC 12 Airport Crash Tender factory pre-production model complete with printers sample trial window box - red body, white interior and rear roof panel, brass plated monitor foam nozzle, red plastic front roof panel with red beacons, clear windows, cream plastic base, black plastic wheels, model is complete with both wing mirrors and internal hose but due to the construction of the box inner tray it is impossible to remove the model so we are unable to confirm if this example includes its interior pump motor and water tank (these are generally not fitted to the pre-production models) - overall Near Mint with some factory casting flaws to side of body, plain white card window box is Good complete with inner tray and 2 x plastic fireman figures as issued with K67 Dodge Monaco Fire Chief's Car which are Mint. Superb example of this impressive large scale model which was never put into production, the first time we have seen the proposed trial box design.
Estimate: £1000 - £1200 
Sold for: £2000
  Lot 3430
Matchbox Regular Wheels No.72b Standard Jeep - yellow body, rare white interior, matt black base, yellow plastic hubs - Near Mint (base partly discoloured) in Mint type E4® box. Very rare model with white interior.
Estimate: £800 - £1000 
Sold for: £1900
Lot 3079
Matchbox Regular Wheels No.14d Iso Grifo - trial model - factory vacuum blue chrome plated body, clear window, light blue interior, bare metal base, chrome hubs with black plastic tyres - Near Mint (factory assembly mark to windscreen) in Excellent Plus "New Model" type E4® box.
Estimate: £700 - £900 
Sold for: £1500
  Lot 3613
Matchbox Superfast No.34c Chevy Pro Stocker Pre-production Colour Trial - white body with green & red racing No.88 tampo print, clear windows, red interior, bare metal "Chevy Pro Stocker" base, 5-arch front wheels, 5-crown rear wheels - Excellent Plus (does have a few tiny chips to drivers front wheelarch and factory paint flaw to drivers door in Good Plus rare "New" type L box illustrating correct colour of model.
Estimate: £600 - £700 
Sold for: £1400
Lot 3593
Matchbox Superfast No.26a GMC Tipper Truck Pre-production Colour Trial - red cab, metallic silver tipper body, dark green windows, white chassis with model number cast under fuel tank, red plastic axle clip with Superfast lettering to rear, 4-spoke wide wheels - Near Mint (tiny pin size chip to rear of cab roof and slight chrome loss to one rear wheel) in Near Mint to Mint "New" type G box with angled Superfast branding.
Estimate: £200 - £260 
Sold for: £1300
  Lot 3236
Matchbox Regular Wheels unfolded type D1 box for No.58a BEA Coach printed by Pembroke Abbey - Mint. Outstanding example of this rare box.
Estimate: £400 - £500 
Sold for: £1000
Lot 3078
Matchbox Regular Wheels No.14d Iso Grifo - trial model - factory chrome plated body, clear windows, light blue interior, bare metal base, chrome hubs with black plastic tyres - Excellent Plus (slight pitting to chrome body) in Excellent Plus "New Model" type E4® box.
Estimate: £700 - £900 
Sold for: £750
Lot 3583
Matchbox Superfast No.17b Daimler Fleetline Londoner Bus "Swinging London Carnaby Street" - chrome plated Giftware Series body with type 1 labels, bare metal base with cast circular mounts, 5-spoke wheels - Excellent to Excellent Plus (usual minor pitting to chrome plating) in Near Mint "New" type I box.
Estimate: £30 - £40 
Sold for: £520
Lot 3307
Matchbox Superfast group of trail and full production version component parts for No.73c Ford Model A including bare metal bodies with flat roof panel, bare metal chassis, 4 x dark green glazing units, 4 x amber glazing units, 4 x black & 4 pale yellow plastic grilles all of which have flat headlamps and are without Ford badge or mesh cast; 8 x black plastic Lesney England base. These are enough components to assemble 8 x models but missing wheels & axles, along with dark yellow plastic factory sprue from the multi impression mould for No.73c Ford Model A grille casting (see photo) - Excellent to Mint. (qty)
Estimate: £80 - £100 
Sold for: £420
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