Star Wars Success at Vectis Sale
The undoubted stars of the day were the Star Wars lots in the Vectis TV & Film Sale on Tuesday 28th March.
Lot number 4214 reached the dizzy heights of £10,200 (including commission) from an estimate of £5,000 - £6,000. This was the highest price paid at auction for a Jawa figure on this type of card back. So elusive it had been referred to as 'The Holy Grail' of Jawa figures, the piece had been owned by the seller from new; he purchased the figure as a child from a stall on Bacup market, Lancashire, UK.
He told Vectis "As a kid and Star Wars fanatic growing up in Bacup, Lancashire, I have memories of my mum taking me down to the local market every Saturday to buy me the latest figure that had been released. I would ask for everything, obviously having no understanding of money, but I was happy with whatever she could afford to buy in fairness. I had a friend who, like me, was obsessed with Star Wars and we would share toys and play with them together and I think it was him that told me about the Jawa and how a plastic cape one was coming out. I honestly have no idea how he knew given that back then there was no internet but I remember asking the market stall owner to get me one. He confirmed that one was being released and promised to try and get me one. It took him weeks to find it and I remember him telling me how hard it was to locate and how rare it was and for that reason I never opened it. It has never been opened, out of my possession or altered in any way and I hope it goes to a collector who values just how rare a piece it is.
For a different reason but equally as astounding was the result of lot number 4324 which essentially contained ephemera from a Palitoy company employee. The connection with 'The Force' was obviously strong as the bidding peaked at £1440 from a pre-sale estimate of £20 - £30.
Other Star Wars lots sold exceptionally well, loose figures and accessories and items not in the best of conditions were still snapped up by eager buyers. Maybe the forthcoming 40th Anniversary is heightening desires. 

  Lot 4214
Kenner Star Wars vintage vinyl cape Jawa 3 3/4" figure, Near Mint to Mint, within Near Mint bubble, upon Good (creased, edge wear, some discolouration)12C card back, with Harbert Guerre L-Impero Colpisce Ancora Art 706 sticker applied to rear.
Estimate: £5000 - £6000 
Sold for: £10,200 
Lot 4324
Palitoy unique and personal collection of property, mainly on Palitoy letterheaded paper: (1) Palitoy "we care" 1981 Diary, plus some photographs; (2) Confirmation letter of employment for the position of Sales Clerk, dated July 31, 1978; (3) Contract, dated 31 July, 1978; (4) Grievance Procedure; (5) Pay Advice slip, dated 15 Dec 1978; (6) Job Grading, etc; (6) Conditions of Service; (7) Employment Change Note; (8) Palitalk Spring 1979; Fair to Good Plus; (8).
Estimate: £20 - £30 
Sold for: £1440

The sale also contained a large quantity of Doctor Who pieces and collectables which far exceeded their initial estimates. The 74 lots included magazines, figures and toys but it was the audio tapes which drew the keenest interest with prices smashing the invitingly low pre-sale estimates of £20 - £30 seeing most achieve near or over the £200 mark.   

  Lot 4390
Doctor Who Marvel Comics; magazines; photographs; framed pictures; etc; plus other themes- Marvel Blake's 7; Adam Ant; Kate Bush plus a large quantity of mainly Dr Who CD Audio Books; etc; (qty).
Estimate: £10 - £20 
Sold for: £504
Lot 4391
Doctor Who audio books, plus miscellaneous DVDs; etc; (large qty).
Estimate: £10 - £20 
Sold for: £408

Other TV related toys proved strong, reinforcing the popularity these have in the present market -
Lot 4040
Hasbro Transformers vintage G1 Fortress Maximus Headmaster Autobot Base, within polystyrene inner packaging and original box, Fair to Good.
Estimate: £80 - £100 
Sold for: £600
  Lot 4060
Topper Toys Johnny Seven One Man Army Gun, complete with retractable bipod, grenade, anti-bunker missile, armour piercing shell, anti-tank rocket and 11 x bullets, lacks original instruction leaflet, although unchecked for completeness appears Excellent Plus, within Good original box with some inner packaging.
Estimate: £200 - £300 
Sold for: £552
Lot 4292
Kenner Star Wars Boba Fett 3 3/4" Mailer vintage figure, Near Mint to Mint, within an Excellent Plus to Near Mint factory heat sealed Hong Kong Baggie, with Fair to Good Kenner products mini brochure and Note to Consumers leaflet, Fair plain mail-a-way box; professionally encased in perspex display case.
Estimate: £200 - £300 
Sold for: £528
  Lot 4170
Kenner Captain Planet and the Planeteers figures x eighteen: (1) - (3) Captain Planet Action Figure; (4) & (5) Captain Planet with Pollution Armour; (6) Captain Planet with Colour Change; (7) Light and Thunder Captain Planet; (8) & (9) Dr Blight; (10) Duke Nukem (glows in the dark); (11) & (12) Duke Nukem with Nuclear Rays; (13) Verminous Skum; (14) Planeteer Wheeler; (15) Ma-Ti Planeteer; (16) Wheeler with Grappling Hook and Launcher; (17) Wheeler Planeteer with Eco Commands; (18) Sly Sludge; Excellent to Near Mint within Fair Plus to Good Plus packaging; (18).
Estimate: £40 - £50 
Sold for: £480
Lot 4038
Palitoy Kenner Star Wars vintage 3 3/4" figures x twenty-six, many with weapons and accessories; and pair ROTJ card backs (detached- does not include bubbles); Fair to Good; (qty).
Estimate: £100 - £150 
Sold for: £456
Lot 4264
Palitoy General Mills Star Wars Hybrid (Twin-Pod) Cloud Car Pilot vintage 3 3/4" figure, Near Mint to Mint, within Fair (yellowed, remains of sticker affixed to base, indented) bubble, upon Poor Plus to Fair (creased, discoloured and sellotape residue) 70A card back.
Estimate: £200 - £300 
Sold for: £456
Lot 4299
Palitoy/General Mills/Kenner Star Wars 3 3/4" vintage figures: Palitoy/General Mills (1) Imperial Stormtrooper (Hoth), 65D card back; (2) Chief Chirpa, 65C card back; (3) Klaatu, 65A card back; Kenner (4) See-Threepio with removable limbs, 77A card back; (5) Bib Fortuna, 77A card back; Excellent to Near Mint, within Good to Excellent bubbles, upon Fair to Good card backs; (5).
Estimate: £60 - £80 
Sold for: £360

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N.B All results include commission.
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