Matchbox Sale Goes Skyhigh!
The Wally Walters Specialist Matchbox Sale
The Wally Walters Matchbox Auction held on the 31st of January exceeded all expectations! Prices multiplied their original estimates to provide many surprises including an empty box at £1300 and a tin of crayons and paints just a snip at £1100!
The 500 lots included Regular Wheels, Superfast, Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, and a unique collection of printers-proof blister-pack backing cards which were never issued; plus other miscellaneous Matchbox Models and ephemera.  
Read on for some of the many highlights from the sale -  

  Lot 5233
Matchbox Early Moko Lesney Toys large scale Soapbox Racer complete with driver figure - overall Good Plus with some paint loss but still displays well. Nice example of this rare toy.
Estimate: £800 - £1200 
Sold for: £3400
Lot 5043
Matchbox Regular Wheels No.15b Rotinoff Super Atlantic Ballast Tractor - dull orange body with silver trim, gloss black base, 10 x 24-tread front grey plastic wheels, 11 x 24-tread rear grey plastic wheels with rounded axles - overall Near Mint but does have a couple of tiny chips and mark to rear corner of roof, rear tow hook also rear tow hook cast a little out of shape in Good Plus type B5 box printed by Pembroke Abbey.
Estimate: £800 - £1000 
Sold for: £2900
  Lot 5044
Matchbox Regular Wheels No.15b Rotinoff Super Atlantic Ballast Tractor - dull orange body with silver trim, gloss black base, 10 x 24-tread grey plastic wheels to both front & rear axles (normally model is fitted with 11 x 24-tread grey plastic wheels to rear axles) - Excellent unboxed (does have a few tiny chips and rear tow hook cast out of shape). Very rare wheel variation.
Estimate: £600 - £800 
Sold for: £1700
Lot 5166
Matchbox Regular Wheels No.58a BEA Airport Coach - full colour decals both facing forward, gloss black base, 18-tread silver plastic wheels - Excellent (does have some tiny chips and surface rust to axles) in Near Mint to Mint rare late issue type D1 box printed by Pembroke Abbey.
Estimate: £800 - £1000 
Sold for: £1500
Lot 5111
Matchbox Regular Wheels No.36b Lambretta TV175 Scooter & Sidecar Pre-production colour trial model - metallic Kingfisher blue, base of both scooter & sidecar without any descriptive text, 10 x 24-tread black plastic wheels with factory crimped axles - overall Excellent unboxed but does have considerable paint loss to upper edge of sidecar screen.
Estimate: £300 - £400 
Sold for: £1400
Lot 5482
Matchbox Regular Wheels unfolded type D2 box for No.58a BEA Coach printed by Pembroke Abbey - Near Mint (does have a couple of minor rub marks to outer edges) but remains a superb example of this rare box.
Estimate: £400 - £500 
Sold for: £1300
  Lot 5664
Matchbox Series PC-1 Paint & Crayon Set by Lesney - containing 6 x crayons, 3 of which are unused the other 3 having little use and original unused paints - contents Good Plus to Excellent in Good to Good Plus tinplate case (missing original paint brush). Rare item to find in any condition today.
Estimate: £150 - £200 
Sold for: £1100
Lot 5080
Matchbox Regular Wheels No.27c Cadillac Sixty Special Pre-production colour trial - metallic silver-blue body (almost identical shade to No.25b Volkswagen Beetle), front and rear silver trim but this has discoloured somewhat towards gold, red tail-lamps, pale pink roof, clear windows, maroon base held in position by factory "BIF" rivets (see photo), 20-tread silver plastic wheels - Good unboxed.
Estimate: £80 - £100 
Sold for: £950
  Lot 5152
Matchbox Regular Wheels No.52b BRM Racing Car Factory Colour Trial Model - metallic gold body with racing No.5 labels, bare metal factory un-spun base, yellow plastic hubs with black tyres - Good Plus in Excellent Plus type F2 box. Please note body has not been spun down onto base.
Estimate: £150 - £200 
Sold for: £950
Lot 5365
Matchbox Superfast No.57b Eccles Trailer Caravan twin pack Pre-production trial model - lemon yellow body without labels, burnt orange roof, white interior, pale yellow plastic trial twin rivet axle clip, black centre cut 5-spoke narrow wheels (not hot foil printed) - Near Mint (small scratch to roof) in Good to Good Plus "New" type G box.
Estimate: £100 - £130
Sold for: £950

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