Highlights - TV & Film Related Sale 19th January
Highlights - TV & Film Sale 19th January

Highlights from the TV & Film Sale held at Vectis Head Office on the 19th January 2017.
Prices remained strong in the TV and Film Related Toy Sale on Thursday 19th January. It offered a galaxy full of desirable collectables from Star Wars,  Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, TMNT, Indiana Jones and Hellboy.
Interesting and obscure Anime releases, Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers and She-Ra plus Transformer draughtsman drawings created a lot of interest. 
One of the most anticipated lots was Lot 408 a Kenner Star Wars Vlix Droids First Shot 3 3/4" action figure, 1985 and to complete the pair Lot 409 Kenner Star Wars Vlix Droids Prototype coin, silver "VILLAIN" both, AFA Graded and signed by Tom Derby.

Lot 408
Kenner Star Wars Vlix Droids First Shot 3 3/4" action figure, 1985, AFA Archival Graded 85NM+, with CIB (Collectible Investment Brokerage) letter of authenticity, serial number 12113858, dated 10/19/16, signed by Tom Derby.
Estimate: £3000 - £4000 
Sold for: £8500

Lot 407
Meccano (France) Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Yoda (brown snake) 3 3/4" vintage figure, Near Mint to Mint, within Good Plus (indents to top) bubble, upon Good Plus to Excellent (some creasing and edge wear) square un-punched card back.

Estimate: £4000 - £6000 

Sold for: £3800

Lot 405
Palitoy/General Mills Star Wars The Return of the Jedi Tri-logo hybrid Hammerhead 3 3/4" figure, Near Mint to Mint, within Excellent (slight indentation to top corners) bubble, upon Excellent Plus (ding to bottom edge, very slight surface scuffing) un-punched 70A card back.
Estimate: £1000 - £1200 
Sold for: £1200
  Lot 355
Palitoy Star Wars Millennium Falcon diecast metal and plastic vehicle trade box, containing four examples- Mint, within Excellent Plus to Near Mint bubbles (some have slight indents and surface scratches), within Good to Excellent boxes (all have sustained varying damage to top of each box); within Fair trade box- label to one face 31345 DIE CAST MILLENNIUM FALCON 18.
Estimate: £300 - £400 
Sold for: £950
Lot 363
Palitoy Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues) 3 3/4" vintage figure, Near Mint, within Excellent (yellowed with surface scuffs) bubble, upon Near Mint (some tiny dings to edges) 30A un-punched card back.
Estimate: £400 - £600 
Sold for: £850
  Lot 24
Hasbro Transformers G1 Skystalker Decepticon Micromaster, original airbrushed package art, on artist's board, hand written text to foot states 5514 MID SIZE MICRO BASE FLYING PLATFORM, this refers to the actual Hasbro Assortment number for the Skystalker. The artwork depicts the Skystalker Interstellar shuttle in his base form. Dates from 1989, the last year of G1. Every Transformer sold in Generation 1 featured hand-painted artwork on the front of the package. This original package art is the exact final artwork used prominently on the front of every production box sold worldwide, including the Japanese "Thunder Arrow". Less than 60 of the original box art proofs are still in existence, only one exists for each G1 toy produced. 42.5cm x 37cm. The Skystalker spaceship (shuttle) was sold, unchanged, as "Thunder Arrow" in Japan in 1989, where it served as the headquarters of the Decepticon forces during most of the series NB: Acquired from an ex-Hasbro employee by the vendor in the mid 1990s.
Estimate: £300 - £500 
Sold for: £700
Lot 392
Palitoy Star Wars Luke Skywalker: X-Wing Pilot vintage 3 3/4" figure, UK Graded CARD 85% BUBBLE 90% FIGURE 85%- 85%, upon 20 un-punched card back.
Estimate: £500 - £600 
Sold for: £700
  Lot 362
Palitoy Star Wars See-Threepio (C-3PO) 3 3/4" vintage figure, Near Mint (some tarnishing to gold finish), within Excellent Plus (surface scuffed) bubble, upon Near Mint 12A un-punched card back (minor creasing).
Estimate: £400 - £600 
Sold for: £580
Lot 394
Kenner Star Wars Revenge of the Jedi Bespin Guard (Black) vintage un-punched Proof Card, AFA Graded 85NM+.
Estimate: £300 - £400 
Sold for: £580
  Lot 4
Four boxes containing six hundred and twenty-two comics: Batman and Batman related- Battle for the Cowl, Batman and the Outsiders, Batman After Hours, RIP, Last Rites; full run of Blackest Night; Arkham Asylum; Gotham City Sirens; Robin; Batman and Robin; Micronauts; Fringe; ROM; Captain America; Transformers; The Joker (complete set from 1975); Aquaman; one-off specials; annuals. Large mix of DC/Marvel and some independents. Vast majority bagged/boarded, Excellent; (622).
Estimate: £80 - £100 
Sold for: £560
Lot 38
Galoob Rainbow Toys Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers trade box containing horses- (1) & (2) Mel; (3) & (4) Triton; (5) & (6) Z-100; Near Mint to Mint, within Good Plus to Near Mint packaging; (6). NB The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers Space Western was one of the first western cartoons to incorporate stylist elements of Japanese animation. This was a short-lived toy range as the programme proved unpopular and short-lived.
Estimate: £40 - £60 
Sold for: £540
Lot 159
Mego Star Trek Aliens Talos vintage 6" action figure, Near Mint to Mint, within Good Plus to Excellent (surface scuffs and edge wear, tiny indents, slightly coming away from card at centre bottom) bubble, upon Good Plus (creasing, slight discolouration and edge wear) un-punched card back.
Estimate: £100 - £120 
Sold for: £400

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The next Star Wars dedicated Sale will be on Tuesday 28th March 2017, for more details contact Kathy Taylor on kathy.taylor@vectis.co.uk 

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