Highlights - Specialist Matchbox Sale 8th December 2016
Specialist Matchbox Sale -- Thursday 8th December 2016
The Specialist Matchbox Sale held on the 8th of December featured 400 lots of Matchbox models including Regular Wheels, Kingsize Major & Accessory Packs and Superfast. The sale also included The Ex Matchbox Employees Collection - Part 2, which contained Regular Wheels, Pre-production Models, Models of Yesteryear and Early Moko Lesney Toys.

Lot 2037 -- Matchbox Regular Wheels group of Cars. Including No.6d Ford Pick-up Truck with chrome grille; No.15d VW Beetle Rally Car; No.34c VW Camper with roof up (suspension slightly dropped on one side); No.53b Mercedes 220SE Coupe - red body without rear silver trim, fine tread black plastic wheels; No.67b VW 1600TL (couple of paint chips lightly touched in) plus others similar (see photo) - Good Plus to Near Mint in Fair to Excellent type E and F boxes and No.36c Opel Diplomat with chrome engine - Excellent Plus unboxed. (12) Estimate: £60 - £80 Sold for: £312  
  Lot 2064 -- Matchbox Regular Wheels G1 Commercial Vehicle Gist Set containing (1) No.5c London Routemaster Bus "BP Visco Static" - smooth roof interior, 18-tread grey plastic wheels; (2) No.10c Foden Sugar Container Truck - with silver trim, without rear crown decal, 20-tread silver plastic wheels; (3) No.12b Land Rover - gloss black base, 24-tread black plastic wheels; (4) No.13c Ford Thames Trader Wreck Truck - cast shut jib, grey plastic double arm hook, fine tread black plastic wheels (later period model, incorrect for date of this set; (5) No.14c Bedford Lomas Ambulance - scarce matt off-white body, silver grille & headlamps only, cream interior, gloss black base, 24-tread black plastic wheels; (6) No.21c Commer Milk Float - cow door decals, green windows, cream load, gloss black clip-fit base, 20-tread silver plastic wheels; (7) No.46b Guy Pickfords Removal Van - green body with 3-line decals, gloss black base, 20-tread grey plastic wheels (one decal is cream, the other is white); (8) No.74a Mobile Refreshments Canteen - metallic silver body, mid blue interior and base, 20-tread silver plastic wheels - contents generally Excellent Plus to Mint (part from No.13c Wreck Truck which is Good Plus in Good type D1 box complete with inner card packing tray and inner card packing piece. Estimate: £180 - £220 Sold for: £576
Lot 2076 -- Matchbox early Lesney Moko Toys British Road Services Prime Mover with Low Loader Trailer and Caterpillar Bulldozer load - prime mover is missing one engine cover, trailer missing drawbar but complete with both detachable chocks - Good to Good Plus in Fair plain blue box with "A Lesney-Moko Toy" end label. Estimate: £100 - £140 Sold for: £504

Lot 2080 -- Matchbox Accessory Pack A2 Bedford Articulated Car Transporter - red tractor unit with mask sprayed silver trim, light grey trailer "Car Collection Ltd" decals, red lower deck & base, 30-tread black plastic wheels - Excellent Plus (tractor unit a little faded on one side) in Fair tape repaired type D1 box illustrating blue model. Estimate: £100 - £130 Sold for: £384
Lot 2125 -- Matchbox Superfast large group of made in Macau 1980's window boxed Cars and Pick-up Trucks including Emergency Service Vehicles. Individual models include MB72 Ford Transit Supervan "Starfire"; MB67 IMSA Ford Mustang; MB44 Skoda 130LR Rally Car; MB43 Flareside Pick-up Truck; MB10 Plymouth Gran Fury Police Car; MB8 Vauxhall Astra/Opel Kadett German Police Car etc - all appear Near Mint to Mint in Good Plus to Near Mint blue window boxes. (113) Estimate: £120 - £150 Sold for: £552

Lot 2169 -- Matchbox Superfast No.45 Ford Group 6 - rare non-metallic green body with circular racing No.7 nose label, clear windows, ivory interior, chrome engine, bare metal base, 5-spoke wide wheels - overall Excellent unboxed with a few small paint chips. Very rare model to find in any condition. Estimate: £1000 - £1200 Sold for: £1320
Lot 2170 -- Matchbox Superfast No.63 Freeway Gas Tanker "Conoco" Factory Trial Model - burnt orange tractor unit with purple windows, black base, Maltese Cross wheels, red trailer with white tank and open rear hole, 5-spoke wheels, black plastic axle clip with Double Arrow design, tank has trial "Conoco" decals to both sides - Excellent Plus in Good type K box. Estimate: £50 - £60 Sold for: £264  
  Lot 2174 -- Matchbox Superfast No.38 Ford Camper Pre-production Colour Trial - blue body, dark green windows, yellow plastic camper body with blue windows, bare metal model No.35 base, dot-dash wheels - Near Mint with a couple of minor factory paint flaws only. Striking model complete with camper glazing unit which was not fitted to production versions of this model. Estimate: £150 - £200 Sold for: £456
Lot 2179 -- Matchbox Superfast Pre-production Design Proposal consisting of No.35/No.26 Volvo Platform Truck - white cab and chassis, hand painted dark brown & yellow door stripes, blue windows, dark yellow stake body from No.71 Dodge Stake Truck, black Lesney England base, 5-arch wheels. Rear platform has been cut down parallel to chassis girders to accommodate stake body, front bumper and grille neatly silver paint superdetailed - Excellent unboxed. Estimate: £40 - £50 Sold for: £264  
  Lot 2198 -- Matchbox Superfast group of Pre-production Models (1) '57 Chevy - florescent lime green body with florescent pink hood; (2) Chevrolet Corvette - coral pink body and base with "Chubby's Diner" tampo print; (3) Chevrolet Corvette - black body with exposed engine, multi-coloured side stripe tampo print; (4) Ford 4 x 4 Pick-up Truck - lemon yellow body with exposed rear engine; (5) Mercedes 500SL - metallic silver body, lilac interior; (6) Lamborghini Diablo - red body and un-spun base, chrome windows; (7) Peterbilt Wreck Truck - matt military green body, amber windows, black plastic grille and Macau base (front rivet stamped, central rivet un-spun); (8) Leyland Articulated Tanker "Gas" - black tractor unit and tank, dark graphite grey plastic base and trailer chassis - Excellent to Mint unboxed. (8) Estimate: £80 - £100 Sold for: £744
Lot 2211 -- Matchbox Super Kings K20 Peterbilt Wreck Truck Pre-production Trial Model - military green body and base, tan plastic jibs, clear windows, Maltese Cross wheels, "K31 Peterbilt Truck" base (production versions have the K number removed) - overall Good Plus but does have paint loss to hood, front wings and considerable chrome loss to chrome plated plastic parts. Estimate: £60 - £80 Sold for: £288  
  Lot 2265 -- Matchbox Regular Wheels No.12c Land Rover Safari - blue body with red-brown luggage, clear windows, white interior, black plastic factory un-spun base - Near Mint to Mint unboxed. Estimate: £50 - £70Sold for: £432
Lot 2276 -- Matchbox Superfast No.26 Volvo Cable Truck Pre-production colour trial - white cab and chassis, blue windows, white plastic cable drums in red plastic cage, black plastic Lesney England base and grille, 5-arch wheels, model has "No.15-35" cast to base of rear platform (production versions of this model have a black raised panel in this position) - Excellent Plus unboxed. Estimate: £70 - £90 Sold for: £240  
  Lot 2323 -- Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y6 1913 Cadillac Pre-production colour trial - light grey body, tan smooth roof, bare metal windscreen and radiator surround, bright red seats and grille, mid blue chassis, brass 12-spoke wheels - Good Plus unboxed. Estimate: £180 - £240 Sold for: £480

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