Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I bid?

There are several ways in which to bid in one of our auctions.

In advance of the sale:

ABSENTEE BIDS can be sent in the post, send your bids to

Vectis Auctions

Fleck Way


Stockton on Tees

TS17 9JZ

Tel: 01642 750616




Via the Vectis Website if you are a new customer you will need to register your details first.

If you are already registered please login to enable you to access the bidding facility. 

Once you are logged in and you have located the lot you wish to bid on 'click' on the 'bid' button, enter your maximum bid and continue to follow the on-line instructions until you have submitted your bid(s)


Via Invaluable  if you are a new customer you will be asked to register.

The link below will take you to the Vectis sales currently on

Current Invaluable Sales


Absentee bids can be left on the Invaluable website up until 2 hrs prior to the auction commencing.



All Vectis auctions are held in the room and live on-line via and

For Live bidding via you will need to register with Invaluable and then sign up for each month's sale.

You can also bid via the Vectis website, you will need to register with Vectis including completing your payment details and then on the morning of each sale Login to your account to 'Join' the auction. Details of how to do this can be found here.


Please note you will not be able to use the Vectis Live Bidding Site during our Rugby Sales, due to the logistics and technology involved, but you will still be able to use Invaluable as normal.


If you attend the auction in person you will be asked to register upon arrival at the auction venue.



Please contact Vectis prior to the day of the auction. They will arrange for you to be involved live via telephone on the day of the sale. We will call you two or three minutes prior to the lot being offered for auction. There is no charge for telephone bidding.

Vectis Auctions cannot guarantee that all telephone requests will be honored due to the rising demand for telephone bidding, particularly at certain sections of the auction, it may be impossible to have a line available. Although Vectis Auctions will try to accommodate every request, we cannot be held responsible for any missed calls due to human or technical errors.


Bidding Increments

Important Notice

Vectis participate in 'live bidding' for all sales, to enable us to do this the following bidding increments will apply


Value  Increment
£5 - £50 £5
£50 - £200 £10
£200 - £700                                   £20
£700 - £1,000 £50
£1,000 - £3,000 £100
£3,000 - £7,000 £200
£7,000 - £10,000 £500
£10,000+ £1000

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Any postal, fax, internet or bids that have been telephoned in with odd figures will be rounded up, for example a bid for £56 will be rounded up to £60, or a bid for £222 will be rounded up to £240.

In the event of a 'tied' bid we will always accept the bid we received first.


Please Note: A reserve is set at 60% of bottom estimate for all Lots, if your bid does not meet this level you will need to bid again. 

How do I bid using the Vectis Website

1: Open and log in to the website using your usual Vectis Username and Password.

2: On the Homepage there will be a list of 'Upcoming Auctions'. The sale which is due to start will display a countdown timer, once the sale has opened this will change to 'Join Auction', select this option for further auction choices. (Please note a sale will 'open' approximately 5 minutes before it 'starts')


3: Once you have joined the Open Auction you will be given a further two options:-

  •  Join Live Auction
  •  Watch Live Auction

As a buyer you would choose 'Join Live Auction', if you are a seller and are looking to see how your items have fared, or are just watching this time round, you would chose 'Watch Live Auction'

You will also be able to review the minimum specification for running the live auction software. If you experience any problems running the live auction, updating to the latest version of the Java Runtime usually sorts most problems. You may also need to allow the software to run; this would be notified by a yellow bar across the top of the web browser.



4: If the auction has still not started a countdown timer will be displayed until the auctions starts.



5: You need to register a payment card before you can bid online, which can be updated through the 'My Account' area.



6: Once the Auction has started the 'Auction Dashboard' will be displayed. This will show the bid history, a description and image of the current lot, current bid price and a scroll of upcoming lots.



7: Bids are placed using the 'Bid Now!' button, as the auction progresses the price on the button will increase to reflect the current bid request.

If you successfully place the highest bid the button will go green and you will be notified that you have placed the 'Current Highest Bid!'


If a higher bid is placed the button will revert to 'Bid Now!'


If you have any questions regarding using this site please call +44 1642 750616 or email


Dont forget if you prefer to continue use Invaluable it will still be available to use. We are simply running the Vectis Live Bidding alongside our usual platform.

Please note you will not be able to use the Vectis Live Bidding Site during our Rugby Sales, due to the logistics and technology involved, but you will still be able to use Invaluable as normal.


We are pleased to announce the testing phase of auction day audio on our online bidding platform, Vectis Live.
Live Auction Audio Trial
We are pleased to announce the testing phase of auction day audio on our online bidding platform, Vectis Live.
Experience the auction as it happens, with near real-time audio, straight from the auction podium. Complement on-screen bidding with the auction day atmosphere.
Broadcasting an auction "live" is quite a hard thing to achieve, especially when it needs to be listened to by customers all over the world and keep tightly synced with the bidding in the auction room. In order to achieve this, we're testing a newly emerging technology which reduces the delay to you and keeps the audio stream as close to real-time as possible.
Because the technology is still under development, it is not yet fully supported by many of the web browsers currently available. As such, at this time we only recommend using Google Chrome browser on a PC or Mac, as other browsers and devices may not play the audio or lag behind the auction too far as to be practicably useable.
If you haven't got it installed already, please download the Google Chrome browser from the link above and then open our live bidding console from our website on auction day.
  • Even though you can hear the auctioneer, you should always use the Vectis Live on-screen prompts when placing your bids.
  • Our audio will generally reach you within 200ms; however network issues between us could push the latency up to seconds. If you think the sound is too far behind what you see on-screen, refresh your browser and it should remedy the situation.
  • Our auctions are not timed, so you don't have to wait until the very last second to place your bid to win the lot. In fact, waiting can often mean you lose out to the hammer, so bid early.
Full details of our Conditions of Sale can be found at the following link


We charge a buyers premium of 20% of the final price (plus VAT where applicable). Payment for lots can be made by credit card (we accept all major cards) or by cheque provided we have a bank guarantee or alternative arrangements have been agreed. A 2% clearance charge is made for credit card payment (3.1% for American Express) to cover bank costs.

BUYERS PREMIUM FOR LIVE ON-LINE BIDDING VIA INVALUABLE   Purchasers will be charged a total premium of 27% on the hammer price inclusive of VAT and credit card charges. This will include a 5% charge made by Invaluable (this will be shown separately on your invoice). There is no VAT charged on lot prices.


If you notice an error with our Catalogue descriptions please don't hesitate to contact us.

In the unlikely event the catalogue description does not match the image provided please contact us:

If you are looking in the hard copy catalogue please check on-line first as we may have spotted the error and rectified it before a sale,  if there is still a mistake please get in touch and we will endeavour to correct the error.

If you notice during or after an auction please note that we will always sell a lot based on the description rather than the image, so please bid accordingly.

If you have any queries please contact us on + 44 (0) 1642 750616 or email

What do Vectis Charge for selling toys?

The standard charge for selling is open to negotiation depending on the value of your collection, the selling charge is all inclusive apart from a small insurance charge (also negotiable) plus VAT.

VAT is payable on the commission only and not the hammer price.  

I am interested in selling through auction - how do I start?

Whether you have been left a collection, are clearing out the loft or have just decided that now is the time to sell we are always happy to hear from people whether it's a one off or a large collection.

The first step would be to send us a list of your collection, include any images you can so that our specialists can give you the most accurate valuation possible. This is free of charge so you don't need to worry if you haven't fully committed to selling just yet.

You can send the details to our email address or if you don't have access to a computer via traditional postal service.

Our specialist will give an estimated valuation based on the information supplied; we will also give a commission rate at this time so you have all the facts you need.

If you are happy with the valuation and commission rates given then all that remains is to get the collection to our head office or our Oxford Office. This can be done in a number of ways,

  • Parcel up your collection and send to our Thornaby or Witney address*
  • Take your collection to one of the number of Toy Fairs which we attend across the country
  • Bring them into one of our offices* where you can talk through the process and speak to the specialist who will catalogue your collection
  • For larger collections we can arrange a pick-up service for a charge - again this is negotiable depending on the size and value of your collection.
* Thornaby Head Office
*Oxford Office

Vectis Auctions

Fleck Way

Teesside Industrial Estate


Stockon on Tees

TS17 9JZ


+44 (0) 1642 750616

Vectis Auctions

Unit 5A

West End Industrial Estate



OX28 1UB


+44 (0) 1993 709424



  • We work with a lead time of approximately 4-6 weeks, as all of your items are individually lotted, photographed and catalogued.

  • You will receive a letter to confirm we have received and booked in your collection - this will include the agreed commission rate and all necessary information

  • Approximately two weeks before the sale you will receive another letter to let you know the date of the sale and your Lot numbers

  • We may split your collection over a number of different sales depending on the type of items you have, in order to ensure we achieve the best possible prices for you

  • All lots are entered with an automatic reserve of 60% of bottom estimate, however if you wish to place a reserve on any item this can be discussed with the Specialist
  • You will receive payment for your sold lots approximately 25 working days from the date of the sale in the form of a cheque, if you require an alternate method of payment this may be arranged - please speak to a member of our team before the sale.

  • If any items are unsold these will be placed into the next available auction without reserve - if you would like to discuss this please call the office as soon as possible after the sale

  • Full colour catalogues are produced for each auction

  • If your collection is valued at over £1,000 you will automatically receive a copy of the catalogue containing your items

  • We hold approximately 60 sales each year


If you wish to speak to any of our team at any time through the auction process please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0) 1642 750616

Payment Details
I have won a Lot - What do I do now?

If you have registered a payment card on your Vectis account and selected that 'Automatic Payment' is to be taken, then you do not need to do anything; an invoice will be sent shortly. Once this has been confirmed as paid by our accounts team, it is then passed onto the packing department, who will calculate any postage and packing costs. This will generate a second invoice; again, once confirmed as paid the item(s) will be dispatched to your registered delivery address.

You can check that you have a registered payment card on your Vectis account by logging in at, select My Account next select Registered Payment Card if it shows as Edit Payment Details you have a card registered if not you can register a payment card.

You can click the Edit Payment Details Link to check you have selected 'Take Automatic Payments from this Card' if this is not selected you will either need to phone or email to give authorisation for Vectis to take payment from your registered card.

You can select Yes to automatically take payment for the next and future sales however it will not take effect for this payment. Please note you will need to re-enter your security code from the back of your card before saving.

Items will be shipped as quickly as possible but due to the high volume it may take up to 21 days to ship all parcels. If you are bidding in more than one of our auctions, we will where possible combine lots into one parcel to make shipping more economical.

How can I pay for my winning lots

Room Sales

If you are bidding in the room on the day of the sale you can pay by:

Cash  - Pounds Sterling or Euros.

or by

Credit card or Debit card

Absentee Bids / Telephone Bids / Website Bids

If you are not present on the day of the sale you can pay by:

Credit card or Debit card

You can register a payment card on the Vectis website, login at and select My Account, next select Registered Payment Card and input your card details.

If you would like us to take automatic payments for Lots won please select the Yes, if you leave it selected as No then you will either need to phone or email after each sale to give authorisation for Vectis to take payment from your registered card. (Please be aware this button cannot be selected after a sale to take payment retrospectively)

Items are packaged and shipped in relation to how quickly the invoices are paid, therefore if we automatically take payment from your card your items will move through the dispatch process more efficiently.

If you wish to pay by bank transfer, our bank details are as follows:
Handelsbanken, Ground Floor, Winder House, Kingfisher Way, Stockton-on-Tees, TS18 3EX

Sort Code: 40-51-62
Account: 42076703
Account Name: Vectis Auctions Ltd.
IBAN No. GB16HAND40516242076703
Swift Code: HANDGB22

You can also send us a cheque, made payable to Vectis Auctions Ltd to
Vectis Auctions Ltd,
Fleck Way,
Thornaby, Stockton-on-Tees
TS17 9JZ.

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